the sexiest album of all.

This holiday season exploded with a stack of Sexy Albums for my Eye Candy Sessions. Here are 6 of the 10 that I am working on!

Just a brief bio on these albums: they are completely, utterly and amazingly handmade by me here in the studio. They come in red or black silk, with your choose of the sexiest lining paper ever! Rawr!

Here are a few samples that just might make you drool …

Everyone has also been craving these handmade envelopes to hug their albums.

Yummy indeed. I love that little pop of red in the stitching and enclosure!

And speaking of craving, these little suckers have been ridiculously popular! It’s a presentation box, which may look innocent at first (grass and ornaments not included- I’m using them to make it look innocent).

Check out the cover, where you get a tiny glimpse.

Into the hotness within! ~ Each one houses 10, 5×5 mounted prints and your choice of a cover image.