From Mrs Empowered:

“My boudoir photo shoot experience was exhilarating and most of all – fun! Lynn Michelle’s confidence, humor, and in-charge demeanor made me feel totally at ease almost immediately, and by the time we were finished, I felt pampered, feminine, and absolutely beautiful.  I’m not super-thin and model gorgeous by any means, but that’s the way I felt.  As I drove home that afternoon, I wished that every woman out there could have this opportunity… the opportunity to forget the images on magazine covers and instead feel sexy, alluring, and like the beautiful works of art we are.  How often did the great Greek artists paint and sculpt men?  Not nearly as often as they did women because a female body – with its lines and curves – is a masterpiece.

I love my eye candy pictures because Lynn Michelle caputured the essence of who I am and how far I’ve come since my painful divorce. Doing this for myself was just one more step on my journey of becoming the confident, healthy woman I used to be. It has been exciting and fun to explore my femininity and sensuality with Lynn Michelle behind the camera and her eye for taking boudoir photographs. “