Open House images

This past Sunday was an Open House for my boudoir photography studio and I started my appetizer search pretty early. I wanted some fun, chic stuff but I wanted it to be really easy too because I didn’t have a lot of time to refresh the trays during the event. I also didn’t want to worry about chaffing dishes and keeping things warm or cold.

For drinks, I kept it simple. Asti champagne & Bitch Bubbly (yes, you read that right and you can find it at Central Market) with a strawberry in each glass for a little twist:

Now on to the yummies. There was definitely a cheese tray. What’s a real party without a cheese tray?

I did make apricot cheese balls. Is there anything better than cheese on a apricot? Not really.

Stuffed new potatoes.

Endive filled with a mixture of pimento olives, cream cheese, onions, tobascco, chives and red peppers. YUM.

Tortellini skewers. These were the easiest to make, but also the most time consuming doing the actual spearing. I have TONS still in the fridge if anyone wants to come nom nom.

For dessert, I introduced something a lot of ladies hadn’t had since childhood: puppy chow! That went like hot cakes, as did the cake balls. Yeah, everyone loves cake balls.

And some seasonal fruit and berries. I could chop the heck out of some fruit and berries any day of the week.